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Bariloche offers an infinite variety of spots, trips, & activities. You will run out of days travelling around its magical corners: lakes, snow-capped mountains, woods, trekking trails, mountain shelters, steppes, historical buildings, caves. Each season of the year brings new fun: skiing, racket trekking, fly fishing, golf, rafting, canopy, kitesurf, horseback rides, diving, para gliding or gentle walks along Circuito Chico.


We are experts in secluded places, and will offer you advice about how to actually get to know Bariloche. If you are a thrill seeker we will give you tips to visit spots not in the traditional touristic tours. We are able to manage and find the best activities for you.

Your adventure starts at Lirolay

In advance, we give you this photo tour so that you can start planning your trip...

Cerro Catedral, view from the Challhuaco Valley

Cerro Catedral from the edge.

‘Club Náutico Bariloche’ from Melipal Beach


Cerro Catedral slopes map

Kitesurfing in Nahuel Huapí lake

Diving - Acuanauta.

Canopy in Cerro López.

Mapa Refugios

Trekking: shelters’ map. Club Andino Bariloche.

Fly fishing at Limay River with ‘Trout Bariloche’.

Awsome winter sunsets at Centro de Ski Nordico.

Diving with Acuanauta.

Going into the woods at Centro de Ski Nordico.

Exhilaration with ‘Outfitters Patagonia’ .

Snow overfly with Canopy.

Discover the caverns of the old Mount Cerro Leones.

Shelter & tea house in Centro de Ski Nordico, Cerro Otto.

Postcards from Circuito Chico, ‘Cordillera Bike’.

Go through 8.000 years of History at Cerro Leones.

Ski school at Cerro Catedral.

Rafting in Manso River.

Gravel road & journey through the wilderness, Villa Llanquín.

Snow motor bikes, Centro de Skí Nordico.

Impressive specimen, Ilusiones Sport Fishing.

Gutiérrez Lake together with ‘Cordillera Bike’.

Fishing charter trips, ‘Ilusiones Sport Fishing’.

Fun at Snowpark in Cerro Catedral

Mapa Refugios

Nahuel Huapí National Park map

Fishing in the Limay River, ‘Outfitters Patagonia’

Winter magic in ‘Teleférico Cerro Otto’.

Fishing charter trips with ‘Outfitters Patagonia’ in Valle Encantado.

Viewpoint, Neumeyer Shelter.

Manso River campsite, ‘Pura Vida Patagonia’.

Kayaking all year round with ‘Pura Vida Patagonia’


Hot stew in Neumeyer Shelter.

Half day family trekking with ‘Pura Vida Patagonia’.

Some action & lots of fun in the Nahuel Huapí, Sailboat ‘El Orgulloso’.

Fishing trips with ‘Trout Bariloche’.

Geodesic tent close to Neumeyer Shelter.

Appetizers in your tent, first class care, Neumeyer Shelter.

Watch Bariloche & its National Park from the hights, in ‘Teleférico Cerro Otto’.

Unforgettable horseback riding with Tom Wesley.

Valdivian jungle, Puerto Blest, ‘Turisur’.

Bobsleding downhill, ‘Teleférico Cerro Otto’

Incredible postcards, horseback riding with ‘Tom Wesley’

Instruction from ‘Ski Xtreme’ school, Cerro Catedral.

Frías lake, a unique turquoise, lake trip, ‘Turisur’.

Exclusive itineraries with ‘El Orgulloso’ sailboat.

Kids Club – ‘Ski Xtreme’ school, Cerro Catedral.

Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentinean Patagonia.

Well deserved rest & lunch with ‘Trout Bariloche’.

In the historical center, Centro Cívico, you will find the official city tourist information desk, a library, a museum, a city art gallery, & more.