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Love is our expertise, that is why ‘Cupido a diario’ recommends us.

The moon … fellow member of those in love, mirror of our most secret feelings. She stimulates our senses and leaves us more receptive to transmit her vibrations to all living beings in our planet. She subtly exercises her influence on couples.

We gently care for a garden of roses we know will be caresses to your skin.

Rose Bath: At nightfall, whenever you tell us, we shall secretly fix this ‘Rose Bath’ to surprise and captivate.

Scented candles, delicious chocolate (local expertise from Bariloche), rose petals in your hot jacuzzi and a couple of champagne glasses to celebrate! Ideal for anniversaries, wedding nights, and sweethearts.

Appealing to your senses in a hot bubble bath.

To awaken your senses, a good massage is a must! It activates your blood circulation, relieves tired legs, and alleviates tensions by harmonizing body and mind.

Breakfast in your suite to rest without the stress of timetables.

Romantic Soirée: Patagonian smoked appetizers, good wine and a bunch of flowers are the perfect excuse, candles complete a magical evening.

This is the favourite option of those who choose Lirolay to propose or to confirm a great love.

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Your wedding night in Lirolay.
We have an exclusive option for residents that includes special courtesies:  two glasses of sparkling wine, breakfast in your suite, and late check-out. You are welcome to request our help.

My dream wedding gown.