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Suite Lirolay

We combined privacy and elegance in its exclusive interiors, superb outdoor jacuzzi with infinite view and first quality equipment: key elements for a magical and memorable stay.

Suite Lirolay

Pamper yourself in Suite Lirolay with a special cuddle. Masager or fizz bomb, welcome courtesy: mineral water, dried fruit, tea and coffee.

Suite Lirolay

Energy-giving bathroom, walls dressed in stone. Indoor jacuzzi for your relax.

Plan your business meetings in a distinct space.

Please contact Juan to book your stay.

Make yourself comfortable, we have prepared something special to receive you. 

Nothing pleases us more than seeing you tasting our home-made pies and cookies every morning.

María takes care of the last details before your arrival.

Some guests agree that “From the bed of this suite, you seem to be at the prow of a boat”.

Licópside. Helleborus foetidus. Watercolour, by Paula Darriba

Stone, wood and rough plaster finish. An ideal living where you could leave the world behind and become one with the sound of the lake.

Steppe stone inlay in smooth cement.

“Excellent honey moon!”
A dream place! Everything perfect! We chose Suite Lirolay with its jacuzzi watching the was totally incredible! Staff care is excellent, breakfast is varied and utterly delicious...I hope it remains like this! Ideal to go with your sweetheart.

Romina R.

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Small and practical kitchenette, fully equipped, so that you do minimum work.

One of our best postcards from your terrace. Pack your bathing suit and prepare for a new experience. Following the ancient principle of Arab baths, you will experience going into hot water in a deep jacuzzi, surrounded by chilling pure air currents from the Andes that will stimulate your blood circulation and eliminate toxins from your system

Treat yourself to a spa therapy treatment and let us completely spoil you. Essential oils for a refreshing massage.

Conveniently located in a steep hillside descending towards the lake, clear views anywhere round from the hotel are possible from the top of this 20m. slope.