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Bariloche offers an infinite variety of spots, trips, & activities. You will run out of days travelling around its magical corners: lakes, snow-capped mountains, woods, trekking trails, mountain shelters, steppes, historical buildings, caves. Each season of the year brings new fun: skiing, racket trekking, fly fishing, golf, rafting, canopy, kitesurf, horseback rides, diving, para gliding or gentle walks along Circuito Chico.

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We are experts in secluded places, and will offer you advice about how to actually get to know Bariloche. If you are a thrill seeker we will give you tips to visit spots not in the traditional touristic tours. We are able to manage and find the best activities for you.

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In advance, we give you this photo tour so that you can start planning your trip…

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Watch Bariloche & its National Park from the hights, in ‘Teleférico Cerro Otto’.

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In the historical center, Centro Cívico, you will find the official city tourist information desk, a library, a museum, a city art gallery, & more.