Nahuel Huapi National Park is located in the S.W. of the Province of Neuquén, and in the N.W. of the Province of Río Negro. It belongs to the ecoregion of the Patagonian forests, the Patagonian steppes, and the High Andes; and it covers an area of more than 709.000 hectares.

Because of its high ecological and landscape value, it protects a large area representative of the Andean region from north Patagonia. Out of the countless lakes that are part of its landscape, the Nahuel Hapi is the most outstanding, with an area of 560 km2 and water depths of up to 454 metres. It is worth mentioning other, smaller lakes, like Traful, Espejo, and Villarino in the northern area; and Gutiérrez, Mascardi, Guillelmo, and Steffen in the south.