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We are a small and passionate team with a daily challenge: to give you as a present, the best trip experience you will ever have.

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From your first contact with us, to the moment you go back home, you will find us in every detail, dedicated to offer you the best.

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María: Housekeeping coordination. Female captain of whites & details.

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Juan: Head manager, reception and orchestra conductor. He keeps our team sounding in harmony.

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Jose: Auditing and booking. Our administrative head and the oldest member in our team

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Cristina: Breakfast and housekeeping. Responsible for that delicious smell of waffles, toasts and omelettes

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Lucía: Reception and booking. Precision and hospitality, our best host.

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We work with love and dedication to celebrate and surprise you. Our main goal: that your visit to Lirolay be a beautiful experience.