Family Plan

Rest option to relax and have fun with your folks. Our ‘Family Plan’ program offers you two ample suites, with an important discount on the second one for children, video library for kids and a menu of activities to choose from for all ages. » More Info

Suite Lago

These two hidden and amazing studio-suites invite you to live an unforgettable experience. The soft rythmic murmur from the lake will llul you to rest, renewing your energy. Your eyes will not believe myrtles, mountains, and beach pebbles can hold so much beauty for your delight. » More Info

Suite Especial

Unique and magical suite. Delicate and distinguished decoration, antique furniture, author paintings and a very impressive game of Oregon cathedral ceilings await your arrival for an unforgettable romantic stay with a gorgeous view of the lake from every window. » More Info

Suite Bosque

These six luxurious and ample two-room suites are the ideal option to feel at home but with an incomparable view of the lake from every window. Make yourself comfy on the sofa, by the cozy warmth of the fireplace, to enjoy the beautiful scenery. » More Info